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I used Eleventy to create this website because I find it the easiest Static Site Generator (SSG) to understand, especially with its support for using *.html for layout. I chose Bulma as the CSS framework because its simple tutorials matched my level as a beginner. As for the icons, I opted for Feathericons simply because I like that it's open source. The source code of this starter is available on GitHub, just check the navbar.

I apologize for any shortcomings as I am not a coder by background.


Eleventy is a popular Static Site Generator (SSG) tool used by web developers to build websites. It allows developers to create websites from various template languages, including HTML, Markdown, and others. Eleventy is known for its simplicity and flexibility, making it a favorite among developers who prefer a straightforward approach to building static websites.


Bulma CSS is a modern, open-source CSS framework that provides a set of responsive, mobile-first components for building websites and web applications. It offers a clean and modular structure, making it easy to customize and use in projects of any size. Bulma is known for its simplicity and flexibility, allowing developers to create stylish and responsive designs without the need for additional JavaScript.


Feathericons is a collection of simple, open-source icons designed for use in web projects. These icons are lightweight, customizable, and easy to use, making them a popular choice among developers for adding visual elements to websites and applications. Feathericons are vector-based, which means they scale smoothly and look crisp on any screen size or resolution.